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Since 2002 Kondius AG is successfully standing in for their client’s project goals and visions in construction, infrastructure measurement as well as property purchase consultation.

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Project management and project supervision are the main competences of Kondius AG. Our various references confirm our professional working experience. Those experiences are necessary to face the challenges of complex construction projects in an efficient way.

Our realizations of private and especially public construction projects are no lucky coincidence. They are results of consequent and thoughtful use of project management systems, where a pleased client is our primary goal.

One factor for the success of Kondius AG is the active involvement of the management level in most of the projects. We live communication and teamwork, but every staff member has the expertise to work self dependently on project. Trustful and transparent collaboration with all project participants is important to us.

We see our responsibility for the community to support sustainability in every aspect of construction work as well as during the lifecycle of the building. We respect every single person involved and influenced by the construction projects.

We are always ready to learn more. Therefore we are not afraid to work on and with innovations. The combination of quality and advancements defines our working style.

If we have to describe our strategy in three words, it would be “Thanks for failing!” We love to fail hard and early. It helps us improve by learning from our mistakes.

Our vision is it to be a loyal partner and leading consultant.