Object monitoring

According to the German regulation “Honorarverordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure” (fee regulation for architects and engineers), the following service tasks are necessary to realize a construction project:

Service phase 6

Preparation for procurement

Service phase 7

Participation at/on procurement

Service phase 8

Object monitoring and documentation

Service phase 9

Site supervision

The strengths of the architects lie often in the field of planning, which is characterized by their creativity. The requirements for the procurement procedure and construction monitoring are completely different story. Next to the technical requirement are knowledge and experience with procurement law, work preparation and general construction process expertise essential. In addition social competences on different levels are needed, like for communication and personnel management.

Kondius AG has – thanks to their competences in project management – always all schedule, cost and quality targets in mind. With that, we increase the quality of the service with object monitoring.

  1. Create a schedule for procurement
  2. Create description of services and specification by service sections
  3. Determination and collection of quantities
  4. Coordination of service-cross-overs between all involved parties
  5. Cost calculation and control
  1. Coordination of the procurement process
  2. Detailed inspection and evaluation of the offers
  3. Create list of qualified tenders
  4. Tender negotiation
  5. Conception of procurement proposals and documentation of the procurement procedure
  6. Compare procurement results with the priced service description
  7. Participation in awarding
  1. Monitoring of the construction process, accurate to the public lawful permission, and monitoring of the process documents and
  2. Coordination of all involved professionals
  3. Create, update and control the given schedule
  4. Documentation of the construction process
  5. Quantity calculation
  6. Auditing and comparing it with own costs calculations
  7. Cost statement for example structured after DIN 276
  8. Organization of the acceptance procedure
  9. Systematical collection of the documentation material, graphical presentation and calculated result of the project for the client
  10. Transfer of the property
  1. Evaluation of defects relevant for warranty claims (only until 5 years after acceptance of service)
  2. Object inspection for defect detection before the expiry of defect claims
  3. Contribution at the approval for security services