Project management

Project control is necessary to implement a project within the agreed project objectives.

Already the definition of project goals at the beginning is a challenge. Project goals have to be specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and timed (SMART). And we like to support you with the consequent use of this SMART-method.

Project objectives

that can be relevant:




Contracts and insurances

Organization and coordination

Do you actually need a project manager who tells you: “Hey, it’s raining cats and dogs, we should think about an umbrella?”, when you are already completely wet? We can already tell you today that there is the possibility of rain and also the probability of occurrence. We make sure that an umbrella is always ready.

The success of your project is important to us. We can give you the security to achieve the project goals.

Services can be performed under the agreed contract with the conditions of AHO.

Construction projects became more and more complex in the last few years. The reasons are shorter time periods for planning and construction. Another reason is the increased need/implementation of technical equipment and installations. Most of the time time-schedules are without any buffers and planning along the construction the result. In these cases, even the smallest interruption has a big and direct impact to the project goals.

Die vorausschauende Bindung von vertraglichen Regelungen zu Beschleunigungsmaßnahmen wie beispielsweise ein 2-Schicht-Betrieb und zusätzliche Ressourcen, die im Bedarfsfall abgerufen werden können.

We design each time schedule individually for the time management, therefore our various experiences in project management, object monitoring and also construction management are a big advantage. The results and consequences from target-actual-analyses of former projects, frames the base for our project management. Gant charts and critical-path-analysis are created with professional software and therefore with common and well known theoretical methods. The evaluation of measurable goals and milestones happens regularly along with the general report.

Cost verification by our own qualified calculations ensures already in the pre-planning phase a higher security in the budget. Our experts calculate construction costs up to half a billion euro, with the help of databases. This knowledge and the comparison with previous construction projects, offers the client the needed cost already in the planning phase.

For the right calculation of the budget it is necessary to find out all risk factors and include potential risk cost into the finance plan. Our complex risk management offers for each project individually the possibility to evaluate procurement-, insolvency- and price risks.

The cost management is framed by the specific requirements of the client and is closely linked with the regular report system. A cost management linked to the DIN 276 is obviously a fixed component of our service.

Each client has specific visions and requirements about the qualities of their construction. Those qualities will be defined in the program [Cha1] and furthermore validated during the planning- and construction process. Furthermore special methods in project management, like “design to cost”, can be very interesting for public clients.

A successful realization of a complex construction project works, if all services are clearly and completely described interdependently in the contracts. This applies to contracts for planning- and construction-services. We can counsel you at the project start with the project analysis and the definition of all services.

Our cooperation with Börgers Rechtanwälte (Lawyer) covers the legal part of the contract management.

A construction project needs transparent structures. Project goals, tasks and the very important part of communication can be pictured/descripted by organization programs, procedural rules and work instructions. The use of virtual project rooms and project communication system (PKS/PKM) can create a high transparency for all project participants. Friction losses can be minimized and an efficient workflow will be increased.

For our decision management, we are successfully using EV_Plan and EV_Bau with many public and private clients since 2004.

Not every project has the same requirements. This is similar for the procurement strategy. It will be thoughtfully analyzed under the condition of the current procurement law and by the pro and cons regarding the project goals, if a general transfer of all planning- and construction-tasksis the right procedure for the project or furthermore the classic way with single trades.

We also offer additional single project management services for the user or investors and banks, while focusing on target-actual-comparisons and reporting.

  • Bank controlling
  • Construction progress controlling
  • Quality monitoring

These components of project management can be commissioned by modules. They contain implied tasks and partial project targets.

  • Modification management
  • Risk management
  • Process management