Consulting and Expertise

Next to the classical services of project management and object supervision Kondius AG also offers comprehensive consulting services for all questions about real estate, for example:

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

For a transaction is the technical examination of a real state very important to the purchaser and the seller.

We check the technical state of the facility and also all electrical installations and evaluate the amount of maintenance needed. We create a written report, a photo documentation and a cost estimate for the total maintenance and replacement workload. All maintenance tasks will be leveled up in short term actions, intermediate term actions (2-5 years) and long term actions (6-10 years). Based on these reports, it is possible to make a safe decision.

Requirement planning

The base for a successful project lies in the planning of the requirements. Firstly, it is necessary to figure out if there is a general need for the client to get a new investment. Requirements and wishes of the client will be implemented in a user-requirement-program in a qualitative and quantitative way.  We are following a holistic approach and are available for consultations, project management and general planning.

The created target program is the base for following architectural and engineering plans. They also function as a base for the completion of the construction process during the procurement process. The requirement planning is not the same as the requirement planning/fundamental determination [Cha1] defined by HOAI. Therefore, it is a special kind of service.

Following requirements has to be defined regularly:

  • Type and amount of the required areas and rooms (room programs, needed areas defined by function and required room heights)
  • Quality and interior design (for workspaces, lightning, technical equipment, furniture, communication systems)
  • Organizational and operational requirements (transportation)
  • Technical requirements and requirements by law
  • Financial and schedule requirements
  • Consultation and commissioning of further project planning involved parties
  • Risk evaluation and budget calculation


There are often arguments between the involved project parties during the construction process. Kondius AG creates expertise regarding:

  • Evaluation of addendums of construction companies
  • Evaluation of disturbed construction processes
  • Evaluation of costs calculations
  • Payment for planning services following the requirements of HOAI

Cost calculation

It is always a challenge for all project planners to calculate exact number of cost in early stages of a project. However, the financial concept and the realization of the construction project are always based on the “first number”.

Kondius AG use a cost calculation method based on databanks and room books, to extract very detailed cost information, even with the smallest amount of information. The data is very precise, especially for building redevelopment projects. In connection with a realistic risk calculation, it is possible to develop an accurate budget plan for the construction project.

Furthermore Kondius AG continuously calculates the costs in cases of architectural competitions, in pre planning phases and during the design planning phases.